Corporate social responsibility is not just for industry behemoths. Companies of all sizes can influence change in lasting, meaningful ways through employee engagement and strategic philanthropy. InKind|csr helps you get there, authentically.


It's social impact, corporate-style. A tailored, scalable sphere of influence.

InKind|csr plans, executes, and communicates impactful corporate social responsibility initiatives so that employees can focus on performance & development goals, drive growth, and help the communities in which they live and work.



InKind|csr helps companies optimize social impact.

How? By organizing and executing all philanthropic efforts--the time and the money--while facilitating the integration of social responsibility and corporate culture. Why? It's good business, plain and simple: the double bottom line of profit and social responsibility (thank you, Ben & Jerry). Long-term, sustainable corporate and nonprofit partnerships: quid pro quo. Employees and communities benefit, in a mutual but not exclusive way. Something the world needs a little more of today.

 Nancy Marshall, Principal

I am eager to help my clients rediscover the value of relationships and time and service in a corporate world that moves at warp speed. A Middlebury College graduate, I hope to take Emerson's advice and leave the world a little better place.

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For small and midsize companies, csr is a combination of all these things. It can result in a unique imprint on communities and corporate cultures; it can be the vehicle through which society's most urgent issues are scaled and addressed. One example: 50/100/200+ employees, equipped with a strategic, organized csr plan, can resolve food/housing/clothing insecurity on micro and meso levels. InKind|csr answers the we should be doing this or the we could be doing this better with the howwhen, where, and why.

No matter your industry or company size, InKind|csr has you covered.

Benefits of a well-executed, well-communicated csr plan?


Employee Engagement: happy employees tend to work hard and stay put. 

Teambuilding: strengthening relationships through service. 

Thriving communities: where humans want to live and work.

Company recognition: so very nice.


Your employees are already wearing lots of hats. With InKind|csr, you can outsource csr logistics, details, and communication--and still reap the benefits. Let BD focus on relationships and sales. Let Accounting focus on numbers. Let HR find the best fit for that open position. Cross-functional? InKind|csr plans and executes csr initiatives that will help all of your teams. With InKind|csr, corporate social responsibility integration helps small-to-midsize businesses grow. 

Core services (offered individually or as a yearly subscription):

Identify areas of corporate interest: food insecurity, education, social justice, youth development, sustainability, homelessness, arts & culture, health & wellness, historic preservation, et al.


Research nonprofits/community-based organizations to most closely match companies' interests/expertise with appropriate community partners.


Develop strategic corporate social responsibility plans that are aligned with corporate missions and guiding principles.


Facilitate days of service, community-based projects, 'need' drives (clothing, food, services), pro bono work, skills-based volunteering, matching gift programs, mentoring, internship programs. 


Create & manage internal and external communications related to corporate social responsibility initiatives (website/intranet/newsletter content, press releases, social media).


Generate customized csr annual reports that tell your story and tell it well.


Acknowledge, in a timely manner, employee and community partner contributions.


Evaluate initiatives through employee and community partner impact surveys and analyses.

InKind handles csr R&D, execution, and PR while you focus on your core business.

csr in action 

Corporate social responsibility initiatives can be easily tailored and incorporated into employees' work hours. Anything is possible, really, at any scale.

  • Endowed with a phenomenal IT department? Connect with a nonprofit in need of a technology plan. Specialty loaned labor/skills-based volunteering can be enormously beneficial.

  • An abundance of green-thumbed employees? Create an office community garden and donate the yield to a local food pantry/food bank. Revitalize neglected public spaces.

  • Education a corporate priority? Partner with a local school system and provide supplies/mentoring/supplemental programming or sponsor an internship program. Make a corporate commitment to ESL, GED, and adult literacy programs.

  • The sad-looking playground just a few blocks from your office? Take a Friday and give it a makeover. A monthly day of service can do wonders for a partner organization and employee morale. The office vibe will be a happy one.



Thriving communities, employee engagement/retention, increased profitability, company recognition. And then some.



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5% of InKind|csr fees are donated directly to The Determination Center. 

Walk through the heavy front door of The Determination Center and you'll know instantly how special the place is: on any given day, 50+ kids, ages 4-18, are doing homework, eating a hot meal, painting, cooking, playing basketball, singing--it's all happening under the expert stewardship of Founder & Director Bettie Graham, her dedicated staff, & committed volunteer corps. The Center, located in Syracuse, NY, keeps kids off the streets, safe & engaged. 

In 2015-2016, InKind|csr provided The Determination Center with grant writing assistance, communications support, & theater programming.